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Big Rapids Hemlock Park Splash Pad Project receives DNR grant money

The City of Big Rapids was awarded funding from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan DNR for its Hemlock Park Splash Pad. According to a press release, the Hemlock Park Splash Pad Project is slated to receive $238,600.


The Land and Water Conservation Fund is critical to creating quality outdoor recreation resources that add value and improve the quality of life for communities throughout Michigan,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “This fund is an excellent example of successful collaboration among federal, state and local government partners that yields health and social benefits for residents and visitors.” 


Big Rapids was one of 22 communities awarded grant money as part of the the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


Michigan residents and visitors turn to trails, parks, campgrounds and other welcoming public places to connect with family, friends and the outdoors,” said DNR Director Dan Eichinger. “The Land and Water Conservation Fund, along with other important grant programs administered by the DNR, continues to provide vital access to Michigan’s out-of-doors.” 


For a list of other communities receiving grant money CLICK HERE


Program background 

The DNR uses Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars to help develop public outdoor recreation facilities and to provide matching grants for local governments to do the same. The program supports Native American tribes, villages, cities, townships and counties, and divisions within the DNR in their efforts to give people better, broader access to quality public outdoor recreation opportunities. 


The Land and Water Conservation Fund is supported by revenues from federal gas and oil development from the Gulf of Mexico. Following congressional appropriation, the monies are apportioned to the states by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior each fiscal year. The project recommendations will be sent to the National Park Service for federal approval. 


The Great American Outdoors Act, signed into law in August 2020, established permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Just five years ago, Michigan was issuing just over $2 million in annual grants on behalf of the National Park Service. With the change in legislation, the state will see more fiscal stability and increased funding in the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant program. These changes resulted in the DNR raising the maximum application request from $300,000 to $500,000 for application cycles. 


Application information 

Eligible applicants include any unit of government including Native American tribes, school districts or any combination of units with the legal authority to provide recreation. Applicants can seek funding for a variety of projects, including development of and improvements to playgrounds, trails and walkways, skate parks, boat launches, picnic areas, sports fields and campgrounds, in addition to improved access for users of all abilities beyond Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. 


Application materials and information for LWCF grants will be available early in 2022 at Applications for the 2022 funding cycle are due April 1. 

Big Rapids Police Blotter 12/7

40-2102301 @ 12:33pm Larceny 200 block S. State St.  A laptop was stolen out of a vehicle 2-3 weeks ago.  The laptop was recently used at the Granger Building.  Pending further investigation.


40-2102302 @ 3:16pm walk in Suspicious.  Female wanted to report that her boyfriend had made a fake Instagram profile of consensual sexual pictures and linked them to a pornographic site.  Pending further investigation.


40-2102303 @ 6:00om 1100 block Fuller Suicidal.  Male attempted to harm himself.  He was transported to ER for evaluation.

Workplace violence at hospitals is an increasing problem according to hospital leaders

As cases of COVID-19 increase in West Michigan, healthcare systems around the region say doctors and nurses are experiencing an increased number of workplace violence incidents. 


During a State of Health West Michigan conference call the leaders of Spectrum Health West Michigan, Mercy Health St. Mary's and University of Michigan- West say incidents involving patients and hospital staff has been increasing over the last two years. 


Spectrum Health West Michigan President Dr. Darryl Elmouchi says over the last 20 months as Society has become more stressed they're taking it out very often on the people who are trying to care for them.


"Every single day we have a report out at the lunch hour about workplace violence issues and every single day we hear about workplace violence. Nurses being hit, scratched, spit on, yelling at doctors and nurses.” Elmouchi said “At the same it's really really challenging and sad and so hard for caregivers who really are the heroes to face this and I think this is a national problem.”   

Dr. Peter Hahn, President and CEO, University of Michigan Health-West agreed with Elmouchi's comments. 


Workplace violence is unacceptable, tragic and it's contributing to I think people leaving healthcare, those are people that we vitally need not just now but in the future” Hahn said.


Dr. Matt Biersack  President, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s echoed what his colleagues mentioned.


I think this is the third crisis if you will, that we're dealing with right now in addition to covid and just a contracting workforce.” Biersack said.  “It's just the threat that our colleagues face on a day-to-day basis, our staff is yelled at, hit, punched and scratched on a day-to-day basis.” “It feels unrelenting and it is a reason for people to make decisions unfortunately to leave healthcare after only being in for a few years and this is a serious issue that we're facing.”  


All three agreed that this time is stressful during the holidays, the pandemic and supply chain problems but ask the broader community to have patience and kindness with hospital staff.  

Big Rapids Police Blotter 12/6

40-2102287 @ 9:58am 300 block S. State St.  Fraud.  Complainant has been working for a company where he receives packages, opens them up and then inspects the items to see if there's any damage and then reships them.  After not getting paid on 12/3 he believes he's being scammed and found multiple complaints online of the same.


40-2102286 @ 10:31am 800 block Clark St, False Alarm.  


40-2102288 @ 10:37am 1800 block Milton, Fraud- Someone used caller’s credit card.  Unknown suspect.


40-2102289 @ 10:49am 200 block Morrison St, PPO Violation.  PPO violation to be forward for review on male after he made threats towards protected person.


40-2102290 @ 3:06pm PDC State and South


40-2102291 @ 2:50pm 400 block Ives.  Breaking and Entering- Large amount of blood was found in the residence after a door window glass was smashed in.  Unknown Suspects.  Pending further investigation.  Occurred between Friday and time of call.


40-2102292 @ 4:53pm 600 block Linden.  A Pitbull was camped outside of the building.  He was friendly.  Owners arrived on scene looking for the dog and he was turned over.


40-2102293 @ 5:39pm PDC at State and South.  At fault driver was cited for operating without a driver’s license


40-2102294 @ 7:18pm 800 block Division.  Called in as a disorderly.  Male called stating that a customer was stealing quarters.  After arriving on scene, it was disclosed that female had actually paid for $10 in quarters from the change machine. The laundromat had a policy that they don't want the quarters to leave the building.  Classified as a civil.  They were trespassed.


40-2102295 @ 10:07pm 1100 block Fuller Ave., Civil- Caller stated that her roommate had the TV too loud.  Resolved on scene.


40-2102296 @ 10:27pm. 1100 block Fuller Civil- Called in as a domestic by the neighbor.  Roommates arguing. Civil as no assault occurred.  


40-2102297 @ 12:11am 700 block S State St Hit and Run- A Ford Escape ran over shrubbery and hit a gas station pump pole. The vehicle was UTL upon arrival until but was later located and the driver cited for Hit and Run.


40-2102298 @ 12:41am Assist Dept.  MCSO requested City PD to respond to a PDC in front of the Sheriff's Office.  Officers responded and identified the driver.  Her vehicle was identified as being the suspect vehicle from the Hit and Run above.  Driver arrested for OWI.


40-2102299 @ 1:15am 1100 block Fuller. Suicidal subject resulted in voluntary transport to the ER.


40-2102300 @ 3:39am 100 block N. Michigan.  Alarm.  Keyholder would not respond.  Alarm believed to be due to power failure.

Big Rapids Police Blotter: Weekend



40-2102258 @ 10:10am Disorderly at MOISD Education Center.

40-2102259 @ 11:05am Check well-being 400 block S. Warren, Male had not shown up for work the last two days. Contact was made with him.  He said he was sick.  Advised him to contact work.

40-2102260 @ 12:46pm 1000 block Perry Ave Larceny of a TV, under investigation.

40-2102261 @ 2:21pm H&R PPDA 1300 block Catherine.

40-2102262 @ 3:25pm H& R PPDA Third/Maple. 

40-2102263 @ 3:58pm walk in UDAA Complainant bought a vehicle for a friend to use, friend has had vehicle for last month will not return it.

40-2102264 @ 3:19pm Natural death 600 block Bjornson.

40-2102265 @ 5:11pm PDA State/Pine.

40-2102266 @ 6:56pm MDOP/road rage. S State/S city limit A white Cloud male advised he had a male in a white Ford Focus throw an object at his windshield causing a chip on his windshield. The driver of the Ford then sped off. It was last seen at Meijer. Under investigation

40-2102267 @ 9:32pm Traffic Stop State/Pine resulted in driver being issued a citation for no insurance.  Vehicle towed by Curries

40-2102268 @ 10:28pm Traffic Stop S Michigan/ Locust resulted in driver being issued a citation for no insurance. vehicle towed by BR Tow

40-2102269 @ 12:46am Suspicious Michigan/ Locust. While on patrol officers located a blue Ford Fusion running with its driver door and trunk open and an iPhone on the roof of the car. The vehicle owner was unable to be located. The vehicle was secured at the time with a business card left. The iPhone was taken as property. The owner was later located.




40-2102270 @ 9:51am Suspicious 400 block S Michigan. Male was concerned about the behavior of female due to items going missing and getting tampered with. Male also stated that he was concerned about her wellbeing after finding a letter. Male admitted he had not seen the female tamper with or take any of the items. He also admitted that he couldn't read what was on the letter and did not actually know it was from the female.

40-2102271 @ 10:43am Civil 800 block Perry Ave Customer was upset after paying for a meal which was ordered to go and was not ready yet and wanted a refund. Restaurant protocol was to submit it through corporate since there was no function for refund readily available. They were able to locate the way to refund the order.

40-2102272- @11:15am 2 Vehicle PDA Michigan/Maple.

40-2102273 @ 12:36pm CSC 800 block Country Way. Complainant reported that a male kissed her and touched her inappropriately.  Male possibly suffering from onset Alzheimer's/dementia.

40-2102274 @ 7:20pm 1100 block Catherine Check wellbeing- Caller requested a check on her sister.  She reported she has not heard from her, and she has not answered any social media in over a week. This is not normal for her. A TV could be heard in the bedroom area of the residence, but no one would answer the door.  Her credit card was used yesterday at Admiral.

40-2102275 @ 9:25pm 100 block N Third. Two females got into an argument after one showed up at the others house wanting to fight her. She was trespassed from the residence.

40-2102276 @ 1:44am 300 block Winter. Resident called when woken up to a male banging on the picture window and front door. Male was highly intoxicated and believed he was at his house. Even after being told several times, he was not at his house he believed he was.  He also told us he was going home from the football game, which ended several hours earlier.  Male was checked out by EMS and cleared. He was given a ride home. He was missing a white sneaker and had a cut on his hand. It is unknown where he was before he showed up on Winter.

40-2102277 @ 1:21am 100 block S Michigan. A fight occurred in the bar resulting in a male being punched in the face receiving minor lacerations. One of the managers identified another male as being the suspect. Upon reviewing video, the only person seen being punched was the suspect.  He did not want to speak with officers, and the victim did not wish to pursue anything. 



40-2102278 @ 2:07pm Baldwin and N. State PDC

40-2102279 @ 4:05pm Water Tower and Fuller.  Check on a vehicle that had smoke coming out of the hood.  Put out before arrival.

40-2102280 @ 4:17pm State and Ferris. Dispatched for a motorist assist, Driver was found to be operating without a DL.  She was cited.

40-2102281 @ 5:36pm Clark and Morrison.  PDC

40-2102282 @ 5:46pm 900 block Sheridan.  Assist to MCSO for subjects in a field with flashlights.  Contact was made and they were looking for an injured doe.

40-2102283 @ 12:34am Open Door.  100 block N. Michigan

40-2102284 @ 12:42am Open Door.  100 block S. Michigan

40-2102285 @ 12:49am 1300 block Catherine.  Verbal argument between male and female.  Female left for the evening.

Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital earns national recognition

Highlighting its nationally recognized achievements in patient safety and quality, Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital was named a Top Rural Hospital by The Leapfrog Group.

Announced today, the Leapfrog Top Hospital award is widely acknowledged as one of the most competitive awards American hospitals can receive. The Top Hospital designation is bestowed by The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization of employers and other purchasers recognized as the toughest standard-setters for health care safety and quality.

“We’re thrilled with the Top Rural Hospital distinction,” said Andrea Leslie, president of Spectrum  Health Big Rapids, Reed City, United and Kelsey Hospitals. “It’s Leapfrog’s top rating and reflects the quality-of-care Reed City Hospital provides the community. I’m so happy for our team to be recognized for their outstanding performance.”


Over 2,200 hospitals were considered for the award. Reed City Hospital was one of 23 hospitals across the country to be named a Top Rural Hospital. Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview was also awarded the distinction.


A total of 149 top hospitals nationwide were selected as Top Hospitals, including:
• 8 Top Children’s
• 46 Top General
• 23 Top Rural
• 72 Top Teaching

The quality of patient care across many areas of hospital performance is considered in establishing the qualifications for the award, including infection rates, surgery, maternity care, and the hospital’s capacity to prevent medication and other errors.

“We are pleased to recognize Reed City Hospital as a Top Rural Hospital this year,” said Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group. “Even with the continued strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reed City Hospital has demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to excellent health care in the Reed City community. We congratulate the board, leadership, staff and clinicians who put their patients first.”

To qualify for the Top Hospitals distinction, hospitals must rank top among peers on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, which assesses hospital performance on the highest standards for quality and patient safety. To see the full list of institutions honored as 2021 Top Hospitals, visit

Big Rapids City Commission approves 2022 Deer Cull

There will be a deer cull in the City of Big Rapids' future.


The Big Rapids City Commission voted in favor of the cull last night during its meeting.


Sargent Ryan Meyers with the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety Police Division says Big Rapids has had deer culls within city limits over the last 15 years and 2022 is no different.


Meyers says through resident surveys and calls made to police about accidents involving deer, the Big Rapids DPS, Department of Natural Resources and USDA have determined a few areas including North Dekrafft Avenue, Ives Avenue, North 4th Avenue and Woodward Avenue to focus on between January and April.


According to the resolution, Big Rapids has up to 25 deer tags for the 2022 cull.


The cost of the deer cull will be just under $7,500.


In other business, the city commission approved a resolution naming a recently purchased 2.2 acre of of land just south of the old train depot, “Depot Park”.


Commissioner Johnathan Eppley was appointed Mayor pro-tem but the City Commission.


Commissioner Jennifer Cochran and Paula Priebe  was appointed to the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission for the 2022 Calendar Year.


Suzanne Wiggins was appointed to be the City’s representative to the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee.

Moolenaar supports legislation to improve service at the VA

Congressman John Moolenaar is a cosponsor of two new bills that would improve services at the Department of Veteran Affairs. The first one is the VA Telehealth Strategy Act and second one is the POW Priority Care Act. The first bill would would require the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve telehealth accessibility for veterans. The second bill requires the VA to elevate former prisoners of war to Priority Group 1. Right now, former POWs are in Priority Group 3, out of eight priority groups at the VA.

“Telehealth services have been vital to veterans as they have received care over the past couple of years and the VA Telehealth Strategy Act will require the VA to improve care and convenience for our veterans," said Congressman Moolenaar. "The POW Priority Care Act is also essential because it will help ensure that courageous veterans who endured enemy captivity will receive the care they need most. I hope the House will quickly pass both bills to help veterans receive the benefits they earned serving our nation."

More information on the Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Strategy Act is available here, and more information on POW Priority Care Act is available here.

Community Giving Day raises over $103,000 for area non-profits

Coordinators of the 2021 Community Giving Day event say residents fully embraced the meaning of “giving back”.


This years event raised more than doubled the 2020 Community Giving Day donation totals. 


36 nonprofit organizations participated with a total just over $103,000 being donated. Of that total amount, $32,500 was raised via on-line donations with another $70,500 in checks that were delivered in-person during the day of the event.


Event Coordinator Robyn Stratton says checks and on-line donations are expected to be continuing throughout the month. If you missed the event date, the Community Giving Day website will stay open until December 31st.

State Savings Bank welcomes new mortgage lender

State Savings Bank announced that Kimber Etchison has been named a Mortgage Originator. Kimber will serve customers in Big Rapids and across mid-Michigan.

Kimber brings more than 12 years of business experience to her new position, four of which are in banking. She attended Muskegon Community College and is a volunteer with Angels of Action in Big Rapids.

Kimber will join Regional President and Commercial Lender Kim von Kronenberger at the State Savings Bank Loan Center, located at 115 Ives Avenue, Suite A, in Big Rapids. She can be reached at 231-383-4356 or

State Savings Bank has offices in Traverse City, Empire, Frankfort, Beulah and Gaylord and loan centers in Big Rapids, Caro, Houghton Lake and Suttons Bay. The bank offers a refreshing “Yes, I can!” approach to customer service.

For more information, visit

District Health Department #10 expands COVID-19 testing locations

District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) has added a fourth location to the list of COVID-19 testing clinics hosted by DHD#10 and community partners available in the jurisdiction.  


“As more people are seeking COVID-19 testing, we recognized the need for more access to testing within our communities,” stated Kevin Hughes, DHD#10 Health Officer. “Our goal is to try and add additional testing clinics in other counties within our jurisdiction that may not have adequate access to testing elsewhere.” 


Hughes noted that some challenges realized from the testing clinics so far are the volume of participants needing testing resulting in traffic build up due in part to people lining up early for testing. Some of the testing clinics are near other businesses that service those not seeking testing, or the clinic locations offer other services that the public needs access to but are having a difficult time getting to because of the long lines for COVID-19 testing. For that reason, DHD#10 is asking those seeking COVID-19 testing to wait to line up until the clinic start times and to be respectful of others trying to enter locations for other services.  


All COVID-19 testing is performed by Honu Management Group, a company contracted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to provide COVID-19 testing at clinics throughout the state. Hughes added that, “some locations for these testing clinics, such as in Kalkaska and Fremont, are being provided by our partners as a courtesy at no cost and so we ask that individuals respect their property and not direct any concerns or negative comments towards them. Again, their only involvement with this testing is that they have provided space to make it happen.” 


It is necessary for individuals to register with Honu prior to receiving COVID-19 testing, and they can pre-register before arriving to any testing clinic. Pre-registration links are listed below for each clinic location.


Current testing clinics are as follows: 

WEXFORD COUNTY – in conjunction with Northern Lakes Community Mental Health
Location: 521 Cobb Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 (DHD#10/NLCMS parking lot)
Days & Times: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - 10:00am-4:30pm
Honu Pre-Registration Link:  


KALKASKA COUNTY – in conjunction with Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
Location: 515 S. Birch Street, Kalkaska, MI 49646 (across from County Courthouse)
Days & Times: Sundays - 9:00am-12:00pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays - 11:00am-5:00pm
Honu Pre-Registration Link:   


NEWAYGO COUNTY - in conjunction with NC RESA
Location: 4747 W. 48th Street, Fremont, MI 49412 (NC RESA parking lot)
Days & Times: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - 1:00-6:00pm
Honu Pre-Registration Link:   


Location: 14485 Northland Drive, Big Rapids, MI 49307 (DHD#10 parking lot)
Days & Times: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - 10:00am-5:00pm
Honu Pre-Registration Link:   


Below is additional important information regarding these COVID-19 testing clinics:  

  • All COVID-19 testing clinics are first come, first served.   
  • Pre-registering does not give you a specific testing time.   
  • Please do not line up early prior to clinic times.  
  • Please stay in your vehicles and someone will come to you for paperwork and testing.
  • All clinics end promptly at the time stated or when capacity is reached (capacity is reached when the number of cars in line meets the clinic’s ability to perform testing during clinic hours).  
  • COVID-19 testing is free and no ID or insurance is required but accepted.   
  • Clinics offer rapid antigen (results typically available within 30-60 minutes) and PCR testing (results typically available within 72 hours).  
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive a text message from DHD#10 asking you to complete a survey so case investigation and contact tracing can begin. 
  • For questions on test results, call Honu at 866-809-8282  
  • For all other COVID-19 questions or concerns, call 231-305-8675 or email  

If you need a COVID-19 vaccine, booster, or a flu shot, go to or call 888-217-3904.  

3-year old dies in two vehicle crash in Mt. Pleasant Saturday

A three year old boy from Mecosta County died in a two vehicle accident in Mt. Pleasant Saturday.


The Isabella County Sheriff's Office say a deputy witnessed two vehicles collide. The deputy immediately approached the crash to discover that there were three children ranging in ages from 3 to 14 and one adult in a vehicle.


The deputy also confirmed one occupant in the pickup.


The 3-year boy was pronounced deceased at the scene, the other two siblings, along with the adult family member (all from Mecosta County) were taken to a local hospital for treatment.


A male sibling was then flown to Devos Children’s hospital in critical condition.


The driver and only occupant of the pickup truck, a 33-year-old man from Union Twp refused medical treatment.


Deputies add the crash is still under investigation, but early findings point towards an improper turn at the intersection.

Consumers Energy to test public warning siren systems near its Rogers, Hardy and Croton hydroelectric generating plants

Consumers Energy announced the emergency public warning siren systems near its Rogers, Hardy and Croton hydroelectric generating plants on the Muskegon River will be tested on Wednesday, Dec. 8, at about 9:30 a.m.


The test will include a voice message, a 30-second siren and a second voice message.


The public does not need to take any action during the test.


The siren systems are tested each August and December.

Big Rapids City Commissioners to discuss authorizing deer cull tonight

Is a deer cull on the horizon for the city of Big Rapids? The Big Rapids City Commission meets tonight at City Hall to discuss that and other issues.


According to the agenda, in its study session the commission will discuss the Ives drain with Drain Commissioner Karla Miller and will discuss the 2022 wastewater user charge report with Treasurer Aaron Kuhn.


In general business, the commission will vote on a resolution to name a portion of land by the old train depot. “Depot Park”.


Big Rapids Commissioners will also vote on a resolution authorizing a deer cull within the city.


The meeting begins virtually and in person at 6:30pm.

Outman supports Senate plan investing in water quality, dams and natural resources

State Sen. Rick Outman on Thursday voted in favor of legislation that includes more than $3 billion to repair public water systems and critical dams and protect Michigan’s environment and natural resources.


“This is a major investment in our state’s future,” said Outman, R-Six Lakes, who chairs the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality. “The bill uses existing state and federal resources to help with repairs or upgrades in communities all over the state. If signed by the governor, the bill will be a major step forward for public health and safety.”


Senate Bill 565 would use $2.37 billion in federal funding, $680 million in state resources and $290 million in repurposed state bond funds to improve or repair the state’s aging dams, upgrade wastewater systems and groundwater protection efforts and help ensure residents have access to clean drinking water.


Included in the legislation is $1 billion to replace lead pipes throughout the state; $700 million to upgrade local drinking water and wastewater facilities; $100 million in grants to remove PFAS chemicals from “orphaned” sites and $85 million that will help ensure students have access to clean drinking water at school.


The plan would repurpose $290 million in bonds to assist communities with upgrading and replacing water treatment infrastructure; establish a loan program for homeowners to replace failing septic systems; and dedicate money for private well users, including grants to help connect to a community water system or increase the depth of their well if their water was contaminated or their well failed after a disaster. Also included is funding to conduct surface water monitoring and implement recommendations included in the Groundwater Use Advisory Council Report


SB 565 would also designate $680 million for improvements to the dams across the state. Funds are outlined for projects prioritizing dam risk reduction, emergency response efforts from the state and for a grant program dedicated to dam rehabilitation or removal.


“Ensuring folks have clean drinking water and being good stewards of the environment is something I think we’re all trying to accomplish. It’s not a one side or the other issue,” Outman said. “Utilizing these funds rather than raising taxes will get us to the same finish line without dumping the burden on people who are already stretched thin.


“Addressing these issues and making the needed repairs or upgrades now could save a lot of money down the road as we work toward a cleaner, safer Michigan.”


SB 565 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Big Rapids Police Blotter 12/2

 @ 7:28am PDA car/deer, N. Dekrafft/Hanchett.


@ 11:34am Fail to pay 600 block Maple St, owner contacted and returned.


@ 11:53am PDA Michigan/Locust.


@ 2:28pm Domestic assault 1300 block Catherine.  Female was arrested for domestic assault and interfering with 911 call.


@ 3:38pm PDA State/Morrison.


@ 3:48pm PIA Perry/Watertower, 3 vehicle minor injuries.


@ 3:53pm Suspicious 200 block N. Michigan Ave. Earlier in the morning caller saw an infant that was left alone in a vehicle, initially called to report it but hung up when parent returned to the car, later decided to report incident.

USPS Operation Santa is now open for letter adoption

The holidays can be a tough time for some families.


The U.S. Postal Service has been helping people over the holidays for more than 100 years with its Operation Santa.


Spokeswoman Elizabeth Najduch says an adult or child can write a letter to Santa and someone can adopt their letter to fulfill their wishes. Najduck says if you write a letter to Santa, include a complete return address , postage and mail it. It has to be postmarked by December 10th.


Those who want to adopt a aletter have to register at

Big Rapids and Chippewa Hills Schools to close Friday, Dec. 3rd due to threats

A couple of local school districts have closed Friday out of an abundance of caution.


Big Rapids Pubic Schools and Chippewa Hills Schools both recently received threats.


On Thursday night, Big Rapids Public Schools posted message on its Facebook Page stating:


Late this evening we were notified of a potentially concerning statement that may have been made today by a high school student. Out of an abundance of caution, the timeliness of the situation, and in order to investigate further, Big Rapids Public Schools will be closed, tomorrow, Friday Dec 3, 2021.”


Chippewa Hills Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Grover posted a letter on the district's Facebook Page late Thursday afternoon stating the school received a email with "vulgar language" and while there were no threats of harm, the message can be interpreted "threatening". 

Gover went on to say Chippewa Hills School District is not taking the message lightly.


Initally, school was going to be conducted normally with a police presence but school officials decided to close for Friday, Dec. 3rd.


The threats come just days after a shooting at Oxford High School in Oakland Township which killed four students and injured seven others, including a teacher.


On Wednesday, Big Rapids Superintendent Tim Haist sent a letter to parents discussing all the safety messures that are in place to keep BRPS safe.  CLICK HERE TO READ

Three Big Rapids men arrested during sex trafficking sting

Three men from Big Rapids have been arrested and arraigned in connection to a sex trafficking sting conducted by law enforcement.


Detectives from the Meosta County Sheriff's Office say all three suspects traveled individually to Big Rapids Township with the intention of engaging in sexual activity with a minor. 


On Thursday December 2, all three suspects were arraigned in the 77th District Court.


Randall Pion, 26 of Big Rapids, was arraigned on two felonies:

Accosting a minor for immoral purposes

Computer used in the commission of a felony

He remains in custody in the Mecosta County Jail on a $100,000 Bond



Jeremy Ostrander, 25 of Big Rapids, was arraigned on three Felonies:

Accosting a minor for immoral purposes

Computer used in the commission of a felony

Resist/Obstruct/Assault Police

He remains in custody in the Mecosta County Jail on a $125,000 Bond



Austin Donley, 27 of Big Rapids, was arraigned on five Felonies

Accosting a minor for immoral purposes

Computer used in the commission of a felony

Resist/Obstruct/Assault Police

Felony Firearms Count 1

Felony Firearms Count 2

He remains in custody in the Mecosta County Jail on a $150,000 Bond


Big Rapids Police Blotter 12/1

@ 1:25pm Walk in fraud, male reported that his debit card was used fraudulently on 11/15.


@ 2:23pm Mental at 100 block Maple St. Female thought there were people in her apartment again, no one located.


@ 2:24pm Fail to pay 600 block Maple St, turned into a civil complaint as card reader appeared not to work, MCSO assisted with contacting suspect who then paid for fuel. 


@ 3:29pm Suspicious  400 block Woodward. Property owner advised he had found bullet holes in house when he came to check on it. Upon investigation it appears holes were not bullet holes but had most likely been drilled into the house for future cable installation.


@ 10:29pm T/S State/Chestnut for missing headlight resulted in driver being issued a citation for no insurance. 


@ 11:34pm 300 block Finley originally called in as a civil argument over a shoe, resulted in female being assaulted by a 14-year-old. Female was also taken into custody and turned over to Evart on an original warrant for harassment. Report sent Kent County probate court as 14-year-old lives in Grand Rapids.


@ 11:55pm 100 block Fourth Ave. Suspicious, Female heard knocking on her door and windows. She thought it might have been her ex. Officers were approximately 2 blocks away when she could hear knocking. UTL anyone around the residence. She was advised of the PPO process. 

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"Lia is my favorite. We look forward to hearing her everyday!"
- Abreanna, Big Rapids

"I love listening to your station and I love the great music!"
- Lori, Big Rapids