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New local golf ball printing business debuts online website

It’s hard to run one full time business, let alone two. This is the challenge that Courtney and Jordan Murphy are about to tackle. Along with their time at Reed City Brewing Company, the two have announced the addition of a separate business specializing in golf ball customization.

“I am trying to focus solely on Par FORE Printing at this time but still put my time and effort into the brewery through running the social media and events,” Courtney Murphy said. “Time management will be very important as I transition into running two businesses but I feel that I can work the two businesses and my connections well together. My wife, Jordan will also be very hands on as she is excited to work side by side with me when she has time away from her full-time job.”

The new business, tabbed Par FORE Printing, has always been an idea in the mind of Courtney Murphy. This dates all the way back to college seven years ago.

“I started to enjoy traveling around Michigan and to multiple states and collecting golf balls from the different courses with their logo on it. About a year ago, I started to see funny sayings on golf balls. I was conversing with a friend on it and how I could help people elevate their golf experience by personalizing their golf balls for company representation, bachelor party favors, gifts, or just individual fun. I started looking for the best printers to print golf balls on and my wife thought I was out of my mind. Once I wrote up my business plan, she realized how passionate I was about bringing joy to people in a way that makes me happy as well.”

According to Murphy, Par FORE Printing will be a “strictly online” business to start with a potential hope of adding a storefront in the future. They also will be taking visits to local courses and businesses to add personal customer service experience.

“We hope to allow our customers the ability to showcase their brand,” Courtney Murphy said. “Whether it’s an individual person, golf course, brewery, or business, branding is a huge part of business and golf is very popular here in the state of Michigan. I want to elevate people's experience on the golf course.”

The business has added social media on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, visit For further inquiry, email or call (810) 623-6449.

*Images provided by Courtney Murphy.